Recent Government Updates that Benefit Olim

 Increase in Rental Assistance for Olim

February 2016 saw a noticeable jump in the rental assistance benefit that is given to Olim in the 2nd to 5th years after Aliyah.  See below for the updated rental assistance amounts and read more about this benefit here.

Single Oleh,
per month
Oleh Family,
per month
Number of Months After Aliyah Old Rules New Rules Old Rules New Rules
13-24 223 NIS 400 NIS 402 NIS 800 NIS
25-36 223 NIS 400 NIS 332 NIS 600 NIS
37-48 223 NIS 400 NIS 223 NIS 400 NIS
49-60 89 NIS 89 NIS 99 NIS 99 NIS

Teudat Maavar Extension Time

Until January 2016, an Oleh was required to travel with an Israeli travel document (a Teudat Maavar) from three months after their Aliyah; the catch was that you couldn’t even apply for the Teudat Maavar until three months after making Aliyah.  This often left people in a bind!

Under the new rules, an Oleh can apply for their Teudat Maavar 90 days after making Aliyah, but it isn’t required for travel until 120 days after Aliyah.  Olim are free to come in and out of the country on their foreign passport (which has the Aliyah visa inside) for an extra month, relieving a lot of stress and headache.  Read more about traveling after Aliyah here.

Increase in the Number of Driver’s License Transfer Locations

Under international law Olim can drive in Israel on their foreign driver’s licenses for a year after entering Israel.  After that, Olim have an additional two years to convert their license (the easy way!) before the process becomes a lot more complicated.  Until recently there were only a few offices in the country that would handle license conversions.

In February 2016, the Misrad Harishui in collaboration with Nefesh B’Nefesh, announced that 6 new offices throughout the country would process driver’s license conversions, addressing a need felt by many of our Olim.  The offices are in: Ashdod, Ashkelon, Eilat, Netanya, Petach Tikva and Tiveria.  Read more about converting your license here.

Decrease in Public Transportation Costs

January 2016 saw a noticeable decrease in the cost of public transportation throughout the country.  The Knesset approved legislation that lead to a 14.5% decrease in ticket prices, equivalent to the VAT charged on bus and train fairs.  The government will subsidize the cost of the VAT and, under the auspices of this new law, there will be no change to public transportation costs as a result of future changes to the VAT.  Full story here.