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Northern Profiles: Jonathan and Sarah Kemp

By Hillel Kuttler   The previous night’s out-of-the-blue rainfall had soaked their Sukkah downstairs, so Jonathan and Sarah Kemp instead greeted a breakfast guest at the door of their third-floor apartment in Nahariya. As an English [...]

Northern Roundtable: Retirees in Hadera

By: Hillel Kuttler A glorious, early-autumn afternoon blankets the new Hadera development of Nisanim, where several residents have yet to take down their Sukkot five days after the holiday’s conclusion. The huts’ part-temporary, part permanent nature [...]

The Call of the North: “Play Ball!”

By: Hillel Kuttler In 2014, shortly after moving from Toronto to Israel, Marshall Deltoff and his son Periel were entering a mall in the northern town of Karmiel. A security guard stopped them. Periel, then 9, [...]

Cholim Chadashim

I want to take a moment to address a misconception I believe a lot of people have about the Israeli climate. Israel has winter. Winter in Israel brings with it the usual crop of sniffles, the flu and the standard homegrown cold. In addition to all the standard ailments, a lot of olim are surprised to find themselves feeling ill for longer periods than they are used to or getting sick more often than they did back in their native countries.

Northern Roundtable: Migdal HaEmek

By: Hillel Kuttler   It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon, and four-year-old Elisha Muller and his two-year-old sister Gefen sit quietly on a sofa, watching cartoons on a tablet. Cake and a pitcher of water beckon [...]

Northern Profile: Beth and Shraga Hymowitz

By Hillel Kuttler   If the living room’s wood paneling, fireplace, M&M’s figurines and Pennsylvania license plate aren’t indications enough of the American roots of Beth and Shraga Hymowitz, the wall-to-wall carpeting – almost unheard-of in [...]

Community Snapshot: Karmiel

By Hillel Kuttler   When the teenaged Klaris Slizak and her family moved from Argentina to Israel 30 years ago, integrating was hard. Few services were available then to assist Klaris, her parents, grandparents, two brothers [...]

Pesach 2017 – Events Around Israel

Chol Hamoed is a great time to get out and see the country and spend time with friends and family. Below is a list of things going on around Israel throughout Pesach 2017. Please be sure [...]

Shavuot Recipes 2017

We asked Olim to share with us some of their favorite Shavuot recipes. B’tayavon & chag sameach! (see last year's) Liz’s Luscious LasagnaSubmitted by: Liz Bernstein Ingredients1/3 lb fresh spinach1 lb lowfat [...]

Northern Profile: Todd and Amy Kesselman

By: Hillel Kuttler   Does life get any better than this? This being the imposing, three-floor house with six bedrooms; an expansive dining room; a sunlight-washed, enormous kitchen; two cars parked in front of the gate [...]