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Physician Aliyah Program

Physician Aliyah Program Applications

Success brings success:
The Nefesh B'Nefesh Physician Aliyah Program for physicians moving to the North and South of Israel
Enhanced grants are available for qualified physicians moving to the North* and South** of Israel.
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Physician's Exam

 Medical Licensing Exam for Physicians Who Just Graduated Medical School

Note: If you graduated from a U.S., Canadian or U.K. medical school, and completed a residency or internship prior to moving to Israel, you will NOT be required to take an exam.

If you completed medical school but did not start a residency or perform an internship, you are required to do a one year intership ('stage') before entering residency. In order to qualify for an internship spot, you must pass a particular licensing exam. The following is one person's impressions of the exam:

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