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Vilkomitz, Rosh Pina


Founded in 1899 as the first modern school in the Galilee, the Vilkomitz School is a small, intimate school which succeeds in integrating the heterogeneous Rosh Pina population into a community oriented school. The school welcomes parental participation which includes both a parent steering committee and active volunteering in the classrooms.

In the forefront of its curricular and extra-curricular activities is the “Wisdom of the Heart” (“Binat Halev”) philosophy, which strives to develop the children’s emotional intelligence in tandem with their academic achievement. The school aims to be a calm presence in each child’s day, where acceptance, friendship and emotional development allow the children to learn in a nurturing environment.

The Vilkomitz school has also begun to teach according to the differential learning philosophy, whereby students in one classroom learn in small groups, based on learning abilities.
The school has eight classrooms with “Smart Electronic Boards”. There is a science lab, an English resource room, an art center, a learning resource center, a sports hall and a vegetable garden in which the children work under the supervision of a special teacher. The school also has a special relaxation “White Room”.
Children in first and second grade learn rhythm and active musical listening. Third and fourth grade children learn to play the recorder. Fifth and sixth grade students may partake in free private music lessons which are given during the school day. The school also has a student orchestra.
Area, Neighborhood   Rosh Pina (North צפון)
Grade Levels   1 - 6
Religious Type   Mamlachti ממלכתי
Gender   Coed
Special Needs   There is a second grade special needs class for children with behavioral needs. In addition, the school has a Learning Resource Center for small group and one-on-one learning, open for students who need extra help. The school has a “White Room”, to provide calming time for those children in need of time away from the larger class group and general school activities. The school also has a program called ”An Opening to the Future”, which provides individual help to 3rd through 6th grade children with special emotional needs, and to their families.
Telephone Number   04-693-6184/9
Fax Number   04-693-7854
Address   Gai-Haoni St.
Name of Principal   Osnat Ron-Raski
Name of Yoetzet/Yoetz   Osnat Armon
Name of contact person   Osnat Ron-Raski,
Percentage of English speakers   None
Established in   1899
Tuition   1100-1450 NIS a year, depending on the grade.
Number of students in the school   230
Number of kids on average in a class   Grades 1-4: 20-25 / Grades 5-6: 30-35
Special programs for olim   The school currently has limited experience with new olim. However, if an oleh child does join the school, they will receive 6 weekly hours of ulpan. In addition, each oleh will receive extra help as needed. The school has a pre-army volunteer, as well as parent volunteers who provide additional assistance.

The school is small enough so that Olim will receive personalized attention.
Updated   May 2012