News Archive 2005

Nefesh B’Nefesh in the News 2005
12/30/05 Upturn In Aliyah
-Jewish Week
12/30/05 Immigration to Israel From North America Hits 22-Year High
-Cybercast News Service
12/29/05 Israel immigration marks first jump since uprising
12/28/05 Risking everything to become lazy Jews
12/28/05 Group leaves for new home in Israel
12/28/05 New Immigrants from North America
-Yahoo! News
12/28/05 After Katrina doors open for new oleh
-Jerusalem Post
12/28/05 Hurricane Katrina
12/28/05 Spiritual home is now family’s permanent residence
12/28/05 New Orleans Hurricane Survivor Makes Aliyah
12/28/05 Aliyah: Numbers are Up, Satisfaction is High
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
12/28/05 7th Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah Flight to Arrive on Wednesday
-Arutz Sheva
12/27/05 Rebuck
-Houston Chronicle
12/27/05 Immigration to Israel Breaks Records in 2005
-Israel Hasbarah Committee
12/27/05 Former New Orleans resident plans to make new home in Israel
-Newsday (see also Israel Insider)
12/27/05 Former New Orleans resident plans to make new home in Israel (see also dateline alabama, KATC3, WVUA-TV, Staten Island Live, WWLTV New Orleans, and the Daily Comet)
12/27/05 250 North American immigrants to arrive Wednesday
-Jerusalem Post
12/27/05 Record 23,000 New Immigrants Made Aliyah
-Israel News Agency
12/26/05 Aliyah from U.S. and Canada Reaches 22-year High
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
12/26/05 Immigration from U.S. and Canada hits 22-year high
12/26/05 250 North American Jews making aliyah
-Jerusalem Post
12/26/05 North American immigration hits highest level since 1983
12/26/05 Aliyah Flying High: 3,000 North Americans in 2005
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
12/25/05 250 North American Jews making aliyah
-JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
12/22/05 Five parties brief olim on platforms
-Jerusalem Post
12/18/05 One Year Later: American Family Finds Normality in New Home
-The Jewish Exponent
12/11/05 Arrivals: From North Carolina to Beersheba
-Jerusalem Post
12/11/05 Adjusting to Israeli Life a Year After Making Aliyah
-Combined Jewish Philanthropies
12/06/05 Adjusting to Israeli Life a Year After Making Aliyah
-JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
12/05/05 93% of olim satisfied
-Jerusalem Post
12/02/05 Survey: 90% of recent North American immigrants are ‘satisfied’
12/02/05 Welcome Mat For Teen Olim
-Jewish Week
12/01/05 Jewish Agency poll shows aliyah getting easier
-Jerusalem Post
11/25/05 Financial Boost For Aliyah?
-Jewish Week
11/24/05 Gov’t May Boost Funding for NBN Aliyah Project
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
11/24/05 Increased funding urged to help Jews overseas
-Canadian Jewish News
11/24/05 Arrivals: Ray Walker, 86 – From New York to Jerusalem
-Jerusalem Post
11/21/05 State to fund private immigration groups
-Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11/21/05 Private Immigration Organizations to Receive Government Funding
-Israel Hasbarah Committee
11/21/05 State to begin funding private immigration groups
11/17/05 ????? ?????: ??? ???? (The cost for an Oleh: 1000 Dollars) -Ma’ariv
11/16/05 Martin upstages Sharon with speech reaffirming
Canada’s support for Israel

-Excalibur (York University newspaper)
11/16/05 Modern Role Models (Part 26)
-Jewish Press
11/14/05 Remarks of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to the 74th General Assembly
-United Jewish Communities
11/10/05 New Jewish Agency chair aims to focus efforts on every sector
11/10/05 An Invitation to Return Home
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
11/09/05 100 days and counting since aliyah
-Yediot Achronot (YNet News)
11/09/05 Modern Role Models (Part 25)
-Jewish Press
11/02/05 Modern Role Models (Part 24)
-Jewish Press
10/24/05 Modern Role Models (Part 23)
-Jewish Press
10/17/05 Modern Role Models (Part 22)
-Jewish Press
10/11/05 Modern Role Models (Part 21)
-Jewish Press
10/05/05 Settling Down
-Jerusalem Post
10/03/05 Modern Role Models (Part 20)
-Jewish Press
10/01/05 Bright Future for Aliyah from the West
-Operation Tarshish
09/30/05 Bright Future for Aliyah from the West
09/28/05 Modern Role Models (Part 19)
-Jewish Press
09/28/05 Unique opportunity for Aliyah-minded Dentists!
-Arutz Sheva
09/28/05 Unique opportunity for Aliyah-minded Dentists!
-World News Network (see also Middle East Post)
09/25/05 Oleh Profile: From the Twin Towers to Ulpan Etzion
-Jerusalem Post
09/22/05 Rockland residents make aliyah to Israel
-Jewish Press
09/21/05 Modern Role Models (Part 18)
-Jewish Press
09/20/05 A Nefesh B’Nefesh olah, at summer’s end
-Jerusalem Post
09/18/05 From Berkeley to Jerusalem — for the sake of art
Immigrant couple part of recent surge from North America

-San Francisco Chronicle
09/16/05 ????? ???????? ?????? ?? ???????
-Russian Express (Russian)
09/12/05 Bright Future for Aliyah Planners
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
09/12/05 Passage to Israel
09/12/05 !????? ??????? (We are Israelis!)
-Otiyot Children’s Magazine (Hebrew)
09/12/05 6th and Final Summer Flight of US Jews
-Christians for Biblical Israel
09/12/05 Bright Future for Aliyah Planners
-United Jerusalem Foundation
09/11/05 Famous intifada victim makes aliya
-Jerusalem Post
09/11/05 Roller Hockey Ulpan
09/11/05 Rekordantall immigranter fra Nord-Amerika
(Norwegian: Record Number of Immmigrants from North America)
09/11/05 An American Family Moves to Israel
-Religion News Service
09/09/05 Terror victim Tuvia Grossman immigrates with 199 others
-Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
09/09/05 TERROROFFER GR ALIYA (Swedish: Terror victim makes Aliyah)
09/07/05 200 Jews from North America Arrived
-Ebenezer Emergency Fund International
09/07/05 Five Years later, Tuvia Grossman makes Aliyah!
-Nachum Segal
09/07/05 ‘Palestinian’ makes aliya?
-Jerusalem Post
09/07/05 An Open Letter to Louisiana Jewry
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
09/07/05 Doscientos judos norteamericanos llegaron hoy a Israel en Alia
(Spanish: 200 North American Jews arrive in Israel on Aliyah)
09/07/05 Famous ‘Palestinian’ makes Aliyah
09/07/05 Aliyah Revolution Continues: 200 More Jews from North America
-Israel National News
09/07/05 Letzter Einwandererflug des Sommers (German: Final immigrant flight this summer)
-Nachrichten aus Israel
09/06/05 Terror vitim one of 200 Olim on way to Israel
09/06/05 25 New Immigrants From France, Montreal to Arrive in Be’er Sheva
-Israel National News
09/05/05 Last NBN Flight this Summer
-Al Qaeda Today
09/05/05 Last NBN Flight This Summer
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
09/02/05 Rabbi Lau to Honor Olim Tomorrow
09/01/05 Grandmother leaves Akron behind to join family in Israel
-Akron Jewish News
08/31/05 Rebbitzen’s Viewpoint
-Jewish Press
08/30/05 Rabbi Lau to Address Shabbat Honoring Olim in Jerusalem
-Israel National News
08/29/05 Nefesh B’Nefesh Enables the Dream of Aliyah for
Young American Jews

-New York Blueprint
08/29/05 Immigrant dreams, part II
-Jerusalem Post
08/29/05 Airplane chartered for North American Jewish immigrants lands (Chinese)
08/28/05 Israel News
-Jewish Times
08/26/05 From Tuscon to Raanana: Optimism gets former UA Hillel staffer through first weeks in Israel
-Arizona Jewish Post
08/24/05 Interview: Elliot Cahan
-Baltimore City Paper
08/24/05 Photo Essay: Despite Destruction, American Jews Make Aliyah
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
08/23/05 Nothing Will Prevent My Aliyah
– Yediot Achronot
08/22/05 More N. American Jews Moving to Israel Than in Last 20 Years
-Front Page Jerusalem
08/18/05 Exodus To Israel: Jews Leave Queens For New Lives
-Queens Tribune
08/17/05 Finance Minister Olmert to Greet Nefesh B’Nefesh Immigrants
-Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
08/16/05 Some US Jews Move to Israel Despite Gaza Evictions
-New York Times, see also ABC News, Red Nova, (Source: Reuters. Story carried on all Reuter affiliates)
08/15/05 Metairie girl has winning vision
– The Times-Picayune
08/15/05 Goodbye, America – hello, Israel
-Christian Science Monitor
08/12/05 And So The Journey Continues
08/12/05 Our Town
-Arizona Jewish Post
08/12/05 Welcome Home Olim
-Jewish News of Greater Phoenix online
08/10/05 Modern Role Models (Part 12)
-Jewish Press
08/10/05 A Graduate of the Ambassadors for Tolerance 2002 Program Makes Aliyah
-JAFI News
08/10/05 ?? ??? ?? ???????
-HPC (Russian American Newspaper)
08/09/05 Life in Israel with other ex-Jerseyans suits the Lipkins
-New Jersey Star Ledger
08/09/05 Israel Feeling Canadian Presence
-UJA of Greater Toronto
08/08/05 Plane Filled With N. American Immigrants Lands in Israel
-Operation Tarshish
08/07/05 Increasing Numbers of Americans Migrating To Israel
-Hartford Courant
08/05/05 ????? ?????? ???? 1800 ????? ????”?
(Hebrew: first group out of 1800 make aliyah from US)
-Arutz Sheva
08/05/05 ??? ?? ???? ?? ????? ?????? – ?? ?? ???
(Nothing will prevent my aliyah-not even my mom)
-YNet News (Yediot Achronot)
08/05/05 Nothing will prevent my Aliyah
-YNet News (Yediot Achronot)
08/04/05 Arrivals: David Miller, 42
-Jerusalem Post
08/04/05 Record one-day aliyah leaves for Israel
-Jewish World Radio
08/04/05 Good for the Jews
-Jerusalem Post
08/04/05 Third Group Out of 1,800 Immigrants From US Arrives
-Israel Highway
08/04/05 ???? ?????? ???? ???? ‘???-??’ ?.. ??????
-Shofar News (Hebrew)
08/03/05 Plane Filled With N. American Immigrants Lands in Israel
-United Jerusalem Foundation
08/03/05 Modern Role Models (Part 11)
-Jewish Press
08/03/05 Plane Filled With N. American Immigrants Lands in Israel
-Arutz Sheva
08/03/05 North American olim settle in, trading their ‘only in Israel’ stories
-JTA News Service
08/03/05 When there’s no time to daven…it’s time to go ‘home’
08/03/05 ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? 60 ??? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ????? ??? (Rav Meir Lau joins North American olim 60 years
after his aliyah as a child holocaust survivor)
-Neto News
08/03/05 Third Group Out of 1,800 Immigrants From US Arrives
-Arutz Sheva
08/02/05 Netanyahu presents 2006 budget plans
-Jerusalem Post
08/01/05 Another N. American Aliyah Flight Scheduled to Land on Wednesday
-Arutz Sheva
07/31/05 More Jews Going Home!
-Emet News Service
07/29/05 North American Aliyah moving to Israel (photos)
-Jacob RIchman (blog)
07/29/05 ‘Balloon Guy’ of Staten Island prepares to move to Israel
-Staten Island Advance
07/28/05 Hundreds of North American and Ethiopian Jews Make Aliyah
-Arutz Sheva (see also Israel Unity Coalition, United Jerusalem Foundation and EthioIndex)
07/28/05 Kissufim: Cravings to Connect
-Israel Insider
07/28/05 Sharon welcomes Israel Immigrants
-United Jerusalem Foundation
07/27/05 230 ????? ????”? ????????? ???? ????? ????
(230 immigrants from the US and Ethiopia landed in Israel this morning)
-YNet News
07/27/05 230 New Immigrants Arrive on Wednesday Morning
-Arutz Sheva
07/26/05 A fanciful French arrival
-Jerusalem Post (see also Arutz Sheva)
07/25/05 Coming Home: Meet the Torah MiTzion Olim
-Torah Mitzion Kollel Network
07/25/05 Our job is to live here
-Jerusalem Report
07/22/05 The Other Story
-Baltimore Jewish Times
07/20/05 Oleh Welcome
-Jerusalem Post
07/20/05 Modern Role Models (Part 9)
-Jewish Press
07/19/05 Making Aliyah
-Arutz Sheva
07/19/05 More than 400 new immigrants set to take off from North America
-Talkabout Network (see also Five Doves)
07/18/05 Israel welcomes new immigrants
-Jewish Observer
07/18/05 Heeding call by Israel
-Halifax Herald
07/17/05 Bobbitt’s plastic surgeon is getting attached to Israel
-Jerusalem Post
07/17/05 Single Day Aliyah Record
-Bridges for Peace
07/17/05 We want to go home
-The Suburban (Quebec)
07/17/05 An Emotional Homecoming
-Jewsweek (see also Jerusalem Diaries)
07/17/05 Sharon Welcomes Aliyah
-Cleveland Jewish News
07/17/05 Single Day Aliyah Record
-Bridges For Peace
07/16/05 Cent soixante canadiens immigrent en Isral
(French. Six hundred Canadians immigrate to Israel)
-Radio Canada
07/15/05 Hundreds of U.S. Immigrants Go to Israel
-Israel Happenings
07/15/05 American, Canadian immigrants land in Israel
-Israel Happenings
07/15/05 L????? ???????? ?????? ?? ???????
-Torontovka (Russian Toronto)
07/15/05 Largest number of North American olim ever to arrive in Israel on a single day…
-Anglo Saxon Raanana
(translation: Record number of immigrants from North America)
-Ulf Ekman (Sweden)
07/15/05 You Must Make Aliyah!
07/15/05 Many North American Jews Finally Go Home
-Emet News
07/15/05 Sharon to olim: We’ll help you
-Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
07/15/05 400 new North American immigrants land in Israel
-Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
07/15/05 The Israel Elixir
-Israel Insider
07/15/05 Israel welcomes summer’s first batch of North American Immigrants
-Travel Video TV
07/15/05 Nefesh B’Nefesh
07/15/05 500 New Immigrants: Israel National Radio Coverage
-Arutz Sheva
07/15/05 Record Aliyah to Take Off
-The Jewish Journal of LA
07/15/05 Community says goodbye to 150 Torontonians making aliyah
-UJA Federation of Toronto
07/15/05 Bound for Israel, Despite Terror
-Jewish Week
07/14/05 “????? ??-?????” ? “???-???” ???????? ? ??????? 500 ?????????????????? ??????
-Jewish Russia (Russian)
07/14/05 I want to bring Jews to Israel from everywhere
-North Jersey Jewish News
07/14/05 Centenas de imigrantes norte-americanos chegam a Israel
(Portuguese: Hundreds of North American Immigrants migrate to Israel)
-24 Horas News
07/14/05 Alija 500 Zidu ze severn Ameriky (Czech: 500 Jews from North America Make Aliyah)
-Okno Jeruzalem
07/14/05 ????? ??? ????? ?????? (Record Aliyah from North America)
-Jewish Agency for Israel
07/14/05 Record Aliyah from North America
-Jewish Agency for Israel
07/14/05 El Al Airlines carries record number of North Americans moving to Israel on same day via Nefesh B`Nefesh
– Travel Daily News (see also JOODS Forum, Immmican and The Economist)
07/14/05 Sharon welcomes aliyah
-Cleveland Jewish News
07/14/05 Canadian Jews move to Israel
-London Free Press
07/14/05 Over 500 North American Jews migrate to Israel
-Angola Press
07/14/05 New olim arrive in Israel- but what do they do the day after?
-JTA News (see also Chicago Jewish Community Online, Virtual Jerusalem, Connecticut Jewish Ledger)
07/14/05 Over 500 North American Jews migrate to Israel
-Xinhuanet (see also The Peoples Daily, China’s Human Rights & Farmers and Merchants State Bank, China Economic Net)
07/14/05 Record Aliyah
-Canadian Jewish News
07/14/05 Canadian Olim arrive at Ben Gurion Airport
-Canadian Jewish News
07/14/05 Canucks ‘come home’ to Israel
-Ottawa Sun
07/14/05 Israel welcomes two planes full of enthusiastic North American immigrants
-CBC News (see also The Canada Recorder, Yahoo! Canada, CJAD Radio, Winnnipeg Sun, Canada East, MacCleans, Mix999 radio, Vibe 98 radio,Z95 Radio, myTelus)
07/14/05 Voglio fare l’Aliyah a Telese Terme (Italian: I want to make Aliyah)
-Vivi Telese
07/13/05 Aller Simple Pour Israel (French: To go simply to Israel)
-Ottawa Sun
07/13/05 ????? ???? ?-520 ????? ????? ?????? (Hebrew:This morning around 520 immigrants from North America landed)
-Walla News Service
07/13/05 500 from U.S., Canada are relocating to Israel
-North Jersey News
07/13/05 Record Number of N. American Jews moving to Israel on single day
-Our Jerusalem
07/13/05 Israel Line
-Christians for BIblical Israel
07/13/05 Sharon welcomes Israel immigrants
-Amnesty FM
07/13/05 Good News From Israel: “And the Children (of Israel)
Return to Their Borders”
-Israel Perspectives (blog)
07/13/05 Israel DPM Peres holds a young child, part of a group
of new Jewish immigrants to Israel
-Yahoo Italy (see also Yahoo France)
07/13/05 PM Sharon greets more than 500 North American Olim at airport
-Arutz Sheva (also see Bangkok Embassy news)
07/13/05 Fulfillment of Prophecy?
-Jonah’s Brain (blog)
07/13/05 Largest One-Day North American Aliyah in Israel’s History
-Arutz Sheva
07/13/05 a day of aliyah
-Faith in Nathan (blog)
07/13/05 מספר שיא של 500 עולים לישראל ביום אחד
(Record number of 500 Olim to Israel on one day)
-Hebrew Radio
07/13/05 Two Planeloads of North American New Immigrants Arrive in Israel
-Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
07/13/05 Falafels, money, guns and women
-Cape Breton Post
07/13/05 Absorbing it all
-Jerusalem Post
07/13/05 Welcome to Israel
-Jerusalem Post (see also United Jerusalem Foundation)
07/13/05 Remarks by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
-Israel Prime Minister’s Office (see also IMRA, Israel Hasbarah Committee)
07/13/05 Israel welcomes new immigrants
-BBC News
07/13/05 Nefesh B’Nefesh Immigrants Landing Today
-Arutz Sheva
07/13/05 Landmark day for North American aliya
-Jerusalem Post (see also
07/13/05 Home at last
-Yediot Achronot (Ynet News) (see also Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations)
07/13/05 ????? ??????: ???? ????? ????? ???? (Despite terror attack: Hundreds of Olim arrived in Israel)
YNet News
07/13/05 Modern Role Models (Part 8)
-Jewish Press
07/13/05 Aller simple pour Isral (French:Going simply for Israel)
-Radio Canada
07/12/05 Gro?e Einwanderung aus Amerika nach Israel (German: Large Immigration from America to Israel)
07/12/05 De Montral la Terre promise (French: From Montreal to the Promised Land)
WCBS radio
07/12/05 ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?????
(Special procedure for Misrad Haklita to absorb hundreds of Olim)
Misrad Haklita
07/12/05 Brushing aside terror concerns, families migrate to Israel
WCBS radio (see also WOR 710 AM)
07/12/05 Record number of US & Canadian Jews Moving to Israel on single day
-Freedom 4um (see also Christians for Biblical Israel)
07/12/05 U.S. kin defy the bombers
-New York Daily News
07/12/05 Americans Move to Israel in Mass Migration
-United Jewish Communities
07/12/05 ????? ????? ?? ???”? ????? ??????? (Israel passes US in number of Jews)
07/12/05 ???: ????? ?????? ???????
(Tomorrow: The great aliyah from America)
-Yediot Achronot (YNet News)
07/12/05 500 N. American Olim set to arrive Wednesday
-Yediot Achronot (Ynet News)
07/12/05 Brushing aside terror concerns, families migrate
07/12/05 Olim to get personal airport welcome from ministry
-Jerusalem Post
07/12/05 200 Jews depart for new life in Israel
-Canada Globe & Mail
07/12/05 Largest Aliyah trip takes off with 500 N. American Olim
-JTA News
07/12/05 Canadian, American Olim on Way to Israel
-Arutz Sheva
07/12/05 Aliyah celebration a community send-off
-UJA Federation Daily
07/12/05 Cdn Jews to fill jet in move to Israel
-Canada National Post (see also Alaska Highway News)
07/11/05 Canadians heed call by Israel, enticed by grants and ideals
-AP Digital (Canada)
07/11/05 EL AL Airlines Brings Record Number Of North Americans Moving to Israel on Same Day Via Nefesh B’Nefesh
07/11/05 Canadian Jews will board jet in mass move to Israel
07/10/05 Local families move to Israel
-North York Mirror
07/10/05 Record number of North American Jews moving to Israel on single day
-LIberty Post (see also Israel Insider)
07/08/05 First year in Israel brings lessons in self-reliance, love and identity
-Arizona Jewish Post
07/08/05 Single day aliyah record
-Operation Tarshish
07/08/05 Thirty-Five Years
07/08/05 Heading for the Promised Land
-Western Jewish Bulletin
07/08/05 Jews Follow Their Heart to Israel
-Montreal Gazette
07/08/05 Record Number of N. Americans Moving to Israel on a Single Day
-Arutz Sheva (see also Oman Globe, Abu Dhabi Times, Solomons Temple, Blakham Ministries Update)
07/08/05 Record Number Jews Moving to Israel
-For Zion’s Sake Ministries
07/08/05 Our Town
-Arizona Jewish Post
07/06/05 ???? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ???”? ?????
(Ruder Finn to coordinate aliyah campaign for US & Canadian Jews)
-Ice News
07/06/05 Modern Role Models (Part 7)
-Jewish Press
07/06/05 Thousands Turn Out at Federation’s Israel Walk and Festival
Jewish Colorado
07/04/05 ‘Pegger Taking His Ideals to Promised Land
Winnipeg Sun
07/01/05 NBN Unites Agencies Towards Increased Aliyah
-Israel Naional News
07/01/05 North Americans to celebrate 4th of July, Canada Day here
06/30/05 Canadian olim prepare to take the plunge
- Canadian Jewish News
06/19/05 Making a home for ‘Anglos’ in Israel
– Yediot Achronot (YnetNews)
06/17/05 Mazal Tov to Liza Comart
-Daf Kesher of the Rashi School
06/10/05 Nefesh B’Nefesh announces plane-logo winner
Jerusalem Post
06/10/05 Hard, but not altogether bad
04/15/05 Aliyah Fair Is a Great Success
-Yeshiva University Observer
04/13/05 Young Students Show Support For Israel – Through Art
Jewish Press
04/07/05 English Medical Licensing Exam a Possibility
– Israel National News
03/17/05 Nefesh B’Nefesh smooths path to aliyah
- Canadian Jewish News
03/16/05 Former resident encourages aliyah as ‘ambassador’ from Israel
– The Jewish Ledger
03/11/05 Calling All Young Artists
- Jewish Journal of LA
03/10/05 Jewish Agency reaching out to bring Western Jews
03/10/05 Blossoming Job Market for New Immigrants
-Israel National News
03/5/05 More Jews Moving To Israel
– The Ledger
03/4/05 French immigrants get a ‘friendly’ financial boost
-Jerusalem Post
03/3/05 Aliyah Ambassador visits Toronto
-Jewish Tribune
03/1/05 Making “Aliyah”
02/23/05 Kids For Aliyah
-Truth News
02/23/05 Comments about aliyah create stir at Jewish Agency meetings
02/23/05 Fly the Zionist skies
– JTA/Cleveland Jewish News
02/23/05 Aliyah numbers up, says centre’s new director
-Canadian Jewish News
02/22/05 American Jews feel the call to Israel
-Chicago Tribune
02/20/05 Going Home
– The Courant
02/16/05 Homeward Bound
– The Jewish Press
02/13/05 EDITORIAL: Taking aliya seriously
- Jerusalem Post
02/07/05 France to get its own ‘Nefesh B’Nefesh
– Jerusalem Post
02/07/05 Aliyah Expected to Rise Again
-International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
01/19/05 Canadian lives out his father’s dream of making aliyah
-Canadian Jewish News
01/14/05 Aliyah revolution
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
01/14/05 Angelenos Make Aliyah Dream Reality
– Jewish Journal of LA
01/14/05 Less than 4% of N. American olim settle beyond Green Line
– Haaretz
01/14/05 Washington-area Jews join this summer’s mass move to Israel
– Wahington Jewish Week
01/14/05 Fairfield family makes aliyah with Nefesh B’Nefesh
-Jewish Ledger
01/11/05 Pioneering spirit alive and well in the Negev
– Jerusalem Post
01/07/05 Young And Old Making The Move
-The Jewish Week NY
01/02/05 Competing for immigrants
01/02/05 ????? ?? ??? (PDF) Trans: My Sister is The Most Important
01/02/05 Editorial: ????? ????? ????? (PDF) Trans: Competing for Aliyah
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