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Nefesh B’Nefesh in the News 2004
12/30/04 U.S. Jews start new lives in Israel
-Al Jazeera
12/29/04 Two sisters in their 90s make aliyah
– Jerusalem Post
12/29/04 Grants, Job Help, Other Incentives Draw Jews to New Lives in Israel
-The Washington Post
12/29/04 Immigration from North America highest in decades
12/29/04 A Bond Tragedy and Time Couldn’t Break
– The New York Times
Coverage of the NBN December Aliyah flight was distributed Internationally by over 60 news agencies, including:

ABC News
Akron Beach Journal, OH
Bakersfield Californian
Biloxi Sun Herald, MI
Brandenton Herald, FL
Centre Daily Times , PA
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer GA
Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester
Duluth News Tribune, MN
Fort-Wayne News, IN
Fort-Worth Telegram, TX
Fresno Bee , CA
Grand Forks Herald, ND
Guardian, UK
Haaretz – Anglo File
Herald online, SC
Israel Insider
Kansas City Jewish Chronicle
Kansas City Star
Lexington Herald-Leader, KY
Macon telegraph, GA
Medford Mail Tribune, Oregon
MLive, MI
Monterey County Herald, CA
Montgomery County Record
Myrtle Beach Sun News
Netscape News
News & Observer, NC
Newsday, NY
North County Times, CA
Oregeon Live
Phiilyburbs, PA
Pioneer Press, MN
San Jose Mercury News
San Luis Tribune, CA
Santa Cruz Sentiniel
Seattle Post
Tallahasse News, FL
The Charlotte Observer, NC
The State, SC
The Wichita Eagle, KS
Times Picaunye
Tuscaloosa News, AL
Wichita Eagle, KS
Wiles Barre-Times, PA
WRKO-AM – Brighton
Yahoo Asia News
Yahoo News
12/29/04 U.S. Jews starting new lives in Israel
-NY Daily News
12/29/04 250 Jews return to homeland
-The Journal News
12/28/04 U.S. immigration hits 20-year high…
12/28/04 Immigration from North America highest in decades
12/27/04 Figures show new low in immigration to Israel
– Haaretz
12/27/04 North American aliya highest in 20 years 2004
– Jerusalem Post
12/24/04 Begin Prize Awarded to NBN (PDF)
-International Jerusalem Post
12/22/04 Armchar Aliyah (PDF)
– Jerusalem Post
12/17/04 American Immigrants Represent Boon to Israeli Economy
- Crosswalk
12/17/04 North American olim are smarter, richer and more successful than ever - Haaretz
12/16/04 Olim strengthen Israel
-Washington Jewish Week
Partial listof other News agencies carrying this story:
Arutz Sheva
Belief Net
Bradenton Herald
CBS 2 –
Chicago CBS 2 –
LA CBS 3 –
Philadelphia CBS4 –
Boston CBS4 –
Miami Centre
Times Daily, PA
Charlotte Observer, NC
Cleveland Jewish News
Conservative News
Duluth News
Tribune MN
Fort Wayne Journal, IN
Grand Forks Herald, ND
Israel insider
Israel National News
Jerusalem Post
Kansas City Star
Kol Israel
Macon Telegraph, GA
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Monterey County Herald – Dec 14
New York Newsday
New York Post – Dec 15 non-NBN
News Observer – Dec 14
Newsday, NY
Oregon Live
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA
Pioneer Press
Right Hand Side
Rockett News
Salt Lake Tribune
San Luis Tribune, CA
Seattle Post
Southern Eastern Leagl Foundation
The Ledger, FL
Times Picanuye
Town Hall
Tuscaloosa News, AL
Washington Jewish Week
WBFS – TV – South Florida
WCBS 880
WinkTV – South Florida
Yahoo News
12/15/04 American Immigration To Israel Hits 20-Year High
– CBS2 News
12/14/04 “Begin” Prizes to NBN, Kidney Donor, Handicapped Athlete
- Israel National News
12/14/04 The worth of North American Aliya
– Jerusalem Post
12/14/04 Jewish Agency: North American Aliyah Highest Since 1983
-Israel Hasbara Committee
12/14/04 American Immigrants Represent Boon to Israeli Economy
-CNS News
12/14/04 North American Aliyah Has Arrived
- Israel National News
12/13/04 Menachem Begin Prize to Nefesh B’Nefesh
- Israel National News
12/04/04 American Aliyah Continues to Rise
– Israel National News
11/29/04 At Orthodox Union convention, strong tie to Israel seen as key
11/26/04 Making aliya without moving
11/25/04 Incoming OU President: “Ultimately, Aliyah is the Answer”
– Israel National News
11/24/04 OU Convention Gets Underway Tonight in Jerusalem
– Israel National News
10/31/04 Armchair aliya’ arrives this month’
-Jerusalem Post
09/10/04 And they came one by one
09/07/04 This is the place to be
-JUF News
09/02/04 More Jews Come Home: “Why It Took So Long, I Can´t Say”
- Israel National News
08/28/04 Chutzpah: Class 101
08/25/04 Newlyweds’ adventure: a life ahead in Israel
-Asbury Park Press
08/15/04 North American doctors follow path of Israeli pioneer
– Israel21c
08/12/04 10 Canadians among latest batch of Nefesh B’Nefesh olim
- Canadian Jewish Times
08/10/04 הרופאים האמריקנים ממשיכים את מפעל חייו של ד”ר אפלבאום
08/09/04 רופאים עלו מארה”ב בעקבות הרופא שנרצח בפיגוע
-ידיעות אחרונות
08/09/04 American Doctors Immigrate To Israel on Wednesday
– Israel National News
08/03/04 250 North American olim arrive today
-The Jerusalem Post
08/03/04 Group helps Jews return to homeland
– The Washington Times
08/02/04 Cleveland Jews feel the pull of Israel
08/02/04 200 Singles Among 1,500 North Americans Moving Now to Israel
- Israel National News
07/29/04 Second EL AL Aircraft Filled with North Americans Immigrating to Israel on EL AL Airlines:
Total of 1,500 Sets News Record
- Mediawire
07/27/04 Dangerous times don’t diminish Israel’s allure to Jews in U.S.
- Denver Post
07/24/04 Strength in Numbers
-ABC News
07/21/04 OPINION: Committed to our land
- Jerusalem Post
07/20/04 France furious after Sharon’s slight
– The Age (Austrailia)
07/18/04 Local couple responds to call of Israel
-Seattle Times
07/18/04 Moving to Israel
-Rockland Journal News
07/16/04 The new Israelis
07/16/04 America Aliyah Rising
-Baltimore Jewish Times
07/15/04 Hundreds of North American immigrants land in Israel
-New Zealand Herald
07/15/04 Israelis love settlers from United States
-Los Angeles Daily News
07/15/04 Israelis roll out red carpet for 400 immigrants
– Internationa Herald Tribune
07/15/04 US Jews build new lives in Israel
-Boston Globe
07/15/04 Fanfare greets North American olim
-Jerusalem Post
07/15/04 “Thousands more applicants waiting”
-Jerusalem Post
07/15/04 Israel steps up immigration efforts
-Seattle Post
07/14/04 Israel Expands Program to Attract Jews from North America -The New York Times
07/14/04 Israeli group recruits U.S., Canadian migrants
-Atlanta Journal Constitution
07/14/04 Hundreds of U.S. Immigrants Go to Israel
-Associated Press
Partial listof other News agencies carrying this story:
ABC News (Int & Domestic)
Akron Beach journal , OH
Black Enterprise Magazine
Bilozi Sun Herald , Missipi
Bradenton Herald, FL
Centre Times Daily ,
Charlotte Observer, NC
Columbus Ledger Enq., GA
Duluth Truth Tribune, Mn
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX
Fort-Wayne Journal IN
Gaurdian, UK
Grand Forks Herald, ND
Houston Chronicle, TX
Kansas City Star
Lexington Herald Ledger, KY
Macon Telegraph , GA
Miami Herald, FL
ML Live, MI
Montery County Herald, CA
Myrtle beach Sun News, SC
Newsday, NY
Philiburbs, PA, PA
Pioneer Press, Mn
San Diego Tribune
San Francisco Chronicle
San Jose Mercury News
San Luis tribune,
Sarasota Herald trib., FL
Seattle Post
Tallahasse Democrat, FL
The Herald News, MA
The Ledger, FL
The State, SC
The Wichita Eagle, KS
Times Daily, AL
Times-Leader, PA
Tulsa World, OK
Tuscaloosa News, AL
07/14/04 Seeing American immigrants arrive, an oleh reflects on his year in Israel – Jewish Telegraphic Agency
07/14/04 First of 1,500 new immigrants arrive from North America – Haaretz
07/14/04 Over 400 Jews Come Home Together
– Israel National News
07/13/04 Planeload of North American immigrants to arrive tomorrow -Haaretz
07/12/04 1,100 immigrants join N. American aliya wave
– Jerusalem Post
07/11/04 Jews leave America to become future of Israel
-KHOU Texas
07/09/04 Cutting blue-and-white red tape to a minimum
07/09/04 Write to them in care of Israel
-Staten-Island Advance
07/08/04 Over 1,500 N. American Jews Coming Home this Summer
– Israel National News
07/07/04 Jewish families in S. Florida prepare for new lives in Israel
– Sun Sentinal
07/07/04 Jewish family moving to Israel for a better life
- St. Louis Today
07/07/04 1,500 North Americans Immigrate to Israel on El Al Airlines: New Record Number Set
- Mediawire
07/04/04 בקרוב 1500 עולים מצפון אמריקה
-ידעות אחרונות
07/01/04 Nefesh B’Nefesh helps rabbi and family realize dream of aliyah
- The Canadian Jewish News
07/01/04 Over 1,500 North American Olim Expected
– Israel National News
06/29/04 Snowballs in Summer?
– Israel National News
06/27/04 American Jews feel the call of Israel
– NY Newsday
06/26/04 And they surfed the Net two by two
06/13/04 Jewish Agency enters strategic partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh
- Haaretz
03/14/04 A Zionist tax cut
-Jerusalem Post
02/27/04 Nefesh B’Nefesh offers fellowships to U.S. doctors
01/01/04 Helping Reenergize Aliyah’s Primacy in American Jewish Life
-Yeshiva University Alumni Review
01/01/04 Israel reports plunge in migration
-Chicago Tribune
01/01/04 Immigration by Jews hits 15-year low
-The Washington Times
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